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In the upcomming film “Thor” (2011) Idris Elba, a Black actor, is casted as the god Heimdall. After his reckless actions reignite an ancient war, the Norse god Thor is cast out of Asgard and forced to live among humans on Earth. In the remake, Elba plays the god of dawn and light. Why has this caused an uproar ??

The Heimdal character has a history of being portrayed as White. In past comic books and the original Thor movies, Heimdall has always been protrayed as White. Many Whites feel the film is a threat to their race. Many Whites are lashing out at Marvel and calling the company a racist group. It is ironic that the White community did nothing when Black actors were not being given roles. However, as soon as a Black actor is given one major role, many lash out at the company.

First off, Elba performs a secondary role that has great importance, not a leading role. Secondly, the story of Thor is a myth, a story. Many claim Heimdall is a god of White mythology and should not be played by a Black actor. “Thor” is a myth, it is not a real story. The fact that Elba is Black does not make him incapable of playing the role or less talented. Race does not affect the story line or the mythology behind it. In my opinion, casting Elba in a major role should not be an issue. It is time that we started casting all races in strong, powerful roles. We need to cast more Black actors in positive roles to reveal the skills, successes and talents of the Black community. To all those boycotters, GET USE TO IT! White racists need to get over it and accept the fact that times are changing.


Another example of  “black boasting” as explained in the last post.

Things to think about while watching:

1) It is not intended to be taken seriously

2)Not exclusively a male activity. Females also can partake.

3) Does not always have to emphasize positive traits.

4) Use gesturative structures along with storytelling.

5) Negative if you can’t back it up!

-Kirstin Plunkett COMM 275

In the episode alot “trash talking” or “riding out” or riding out is used as a way to make light of some ones negative components. In reference, to this concept you see a lot of that done in Martin’s mother always talking bad about Gina everytime she comes to visits and ofcourse everytime Pam is in the room with Martin he always has to make fun of her. This is the main component that made the show so funny and why it stayed on the air as long as it did. Enjoy! One of my favorite episodes!

– Kirstin Plunkett COMM 275

Over the past decades, movie companies have transformed cartoons  into real-life superhero movies. Comic book characters have been transformed into human superheroes. Warner Bros. casted Ryan Reynolds as the lead role in the new film Green Latern 2011. The casting of White actor Ryan Reynolds as the Green Latern exposes the reality of inequality in film. Why am I concerned with his race? What consequences result from a lack of positive Black role models and Black superheroes in film? The consequences are   detrimental to our youth.

When researching superheroes, I found an infinite amount of information on White comic book superheroes; I found one Black superhero, The Green Latern. Through film, we have transformed comic books into motion pictures. These superhero films mainly attract our youth. Film has an enormous influence on how our youth view the world, view others, and view themselves. I am concerned about the consequences of our decision to neglect the other groups within our society while focusing on only casting White actors to play positive superhero roles.

Just to name a few…Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Super Man, and X-Men Characters (except Halle Berry’s role as Storm in the recent X-Men movies) all provide our children with positive White role models and superheroes. White children are seeing role models that they can relate to and connect with. While our Black children are not seeing the heroes of their community. In a society that privileges Whites, all other races are being overlooked.

Through film, the only Black comic book superhero was transformed overnight into another White role model. Why is this? What consequences does this have on both the Black and White communities? The media focuses on the positive issues of the White community and on the negative issues of the Black community. The successes and positive mentors of the Black community are neglected in the media. Society fails to tell the story of the positive aspects of the Black community. The way superheroes and role models are portrayed on the big screen is only telling half of the story. Every group, race, and ethnicity has heroes within their communities. These heroes need not to be ignored and left in the shadows. Our youth require guidance. If they see no role models or mentors that they can relate to and understand, who are they suppose to look up to?

The one Black comic book character, The Green Lantern, was transformed overnight into a superhero of the White community. The consequences are detrimental to our youth. Once again, the Black community is neglected and ignored. I blame the media for the lack of positive Black role models in film.


Black people are shown in a stereotypical manner in movies, which reinforces negative stereotypes that are present in our society.
It is common for Blacks in movies to use vulgar language, perform physical violence, and engage in crime. Blacks are rarely given leading roles. In film, Blacks are portrayed as being poor, criminals, and violent. Blacks commonly play roles of “gangstas,” “thugs,” and “criminals.” This is absurd. How often do we see a black male playing the role of a successful business man? When are black actors given roles that counteract the negative stereotypes of society and shine light on the fact that all Blacks do not reflect common assumptions? All Blacks are not “pimps” and “whores.” The film industry reinforces the negative stereotypes tied to the Black race. In film, Black actors are not given the chance to play roles that reflect their community in a positive way.  What will it take for Black actors to obtain the power and privilege to perform any role they choose to? Instead of forcing Black actors to play roles that reinforce negative stereotypes, the film industry should give them the chance to show the world how flawed our assumptions are.


This half-time performance was interesting, I was really suprised that the group did so check it out! – Kirstin