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  1. Shaniquequa Tyler says:

    I agree with the stereotyping of African Americans in movies because all the movies I have seen blacks males are always the ones who are performing the crimes, going to jail, or hurting their community. And black women are always the individuals playing the poor roles or the slutty roles in movies. It’s also true that there a few movies with African Americans playing successful roles. For example, Will Smith in Hitch, he is a successful business man trying to hitch individuals together. Today, there are a lot of African Americans with unique talents and wanting to pursue an acting career but they aren’t given the chance because of all the stereotypes against them. So I agree with Emma when she says the media needs to give African Americans a chance and the opportunity to choose a bigger and more important role in movies.

  2. Shaniquequa Tyler says:

    To start off I didn’t know that the person that played the voice of the Green Lantern was a White man I thought he was Black man. I do agree that the media is responsible for the lack of positive Black role models in film, but in reality I think its the Black Community’s fault because young Black children are growing up in a community where all they see is violence, crimes being performed, and drugs that’s not showing positive Black role models either . So then all they have to look up to is the White superheroes they watch on television because our younger Blacks generation don’t see the positive role models in the community in which they live. I also agree that the Black community is being neglected film because not all Blacks are bad to me Blacks are very smart and intelligent but that’s the representation the community its putting out about themselves.

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