“Thor” Controversy Leads to Unneccessary Uproar

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Movies/Entertainment, Uncategorized

In the upcomming film “Thor” (2011) Idris Elba, a Black actor, is casted as the god Heimdall. After his reckless actions reignite an ancient war, the Norse god Thor is cast out of Asgard and forced to live among humans on Earth. In the remake, Elba plays the god of dawn and light. Why has this caused an uproar ??

The Heimdal character has a history of being portrayed as White. In past comic books and the original Thor movies, Heimdall has always been protrayed as White. Many Whites feel the film is a threat to their race. Many Whites are lashing out at Marvel and calling the company a racist group. It is ironic that the White community did nothing when Black actors were not being given roles. However, as soon as a Black actor is given one major role, many lash out at the company.

First off, Elba performs a secondary role that has great importance, not a leading role. Secondly, the story of Thor is a myth, a story. Many claim Heimdall is a god of White mythology and should not be played by a Black actor. “Thor” is a myth, it is not a real story. The fact that Elba is Black does not make him incapable of playing the role or less talented. Race does not affect the story line or the mythology behind it. In my opinion, casting Elba in a major role should not be an issue. It is time that we started casting all races in strong, powerful roles. We need to cast more Black actors in positive roles to reveal the skills, successes and talents of the Black community. To all those boycotters, GET USE TO IT! White racists need to get over it and accept the fact that times are changing.


  1. gardner42 says:

    This is pretty interesting. I had no idea that all of this was going on over this movie. I agree with you that I do not get why it is such a big deal that the role is being played by an African American actor. I guess I could somewhat see why some people are getting mad, but the only people that I could see getting mad over all of this are serious comic book collectors. I’m sure that most of the people who are upset over this situation are the people who love the comic books and really get into them. They probably just want everything to be genuine and how they were in the comic book. This makes sense to keep things how they were in the books in my opinion, but I do not think that there is a problem with a black actor playing the role.

    Jeff Gardner
    Comm 275-01

  2. kpmonr01 says:

    Thats crazy!!! I don’t watch TV, almost never, but sometimes. Well, anyways, I had no idea that this stuff was even going on, nor did I know about the movie, but its sounds like people don’t have much to do if this is what they are upset about. Who cares what color the actors are as long as they have the ability to act!!
    Kim Monroe

  3. Tameisha Suter says:

    This is really interesting. I didn’t even know so much controversey was going on over Idris Elba playing a role. It is also funny to me becasuse recently they made a movie about the Green Lantern who in the cartoons and comic books was a black (although somewhat minor) superhero, and now in the film he is portrayed as white. I dont hear uproars and outcries about the same situation flipped around. To me it is all fiction and since none of it was real in the first place why not switch it up some.

  4. I totally agree with you. That is my point EXACTLY!! When Black actors were being treated unfairly and discriminated against, nothing was ever really said or done. But not all of a sudden when a portion of the White community feels threatened, they make a big deal about it. These stories are just that, stories. Thor is about a myth, it isnt real. So no one should get to dictate whether a White, Black, Asian, Mexican, Red, or Blue person should be cast in the film!! Race does not make a difference on the talent one has or ones ability to be a good actor.

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