UofL vs. Providence game March 2nd @ 7pm- How “Showboating was implemented

Posted: March 4, 2011 in African American Media, Sports, Television/Radio


On March 2nd, the Uofl mens basketball work together to recieve the big public acclaimed win against Providence. Though, it wasn’t easy different styles in each players expression of handling the ball was key in this factor. Styles were different amongst each player but they had had were succifient in aligning what it took to win the game. These styles were implemented majorly by the following players: Preston Knowles, Peyton Siva, Mike Mara, Chris Smith, and Gorge Deing. In reference to Ch. 9  “Black and White Styles in Confict” form Thomas Kochman the term “showboating” would be correct for this subject. Kochmans identification with style I can say was political incorect for this event.  In reference, ” Differences between white and black ball playing makes it clear that one can expect to see conflict on the field and court.” Which has been correct in some form of notion of the teams loses and wins but on this day it was something special. What made it special was that the white ball players took their concept of patience and method of the game and combined with the black ball players concept of the game of feeling it’s a way to “self-express” oneself as individual.  Though, it’s safe to say that Kochmans ideologies of the “Traditional “white view fo sports team, a group working together toward one goal was relevant.” Listed below are differences in whites and blacks “conflicting styles on the field and court.”

Whites:Believe ball is the basketball of patience and method

Blacks: Believe ball is basketball of electric self-expression

Explanation in refrence to handout of Thomas Kochman’s Ch.9 “Black and White Styles in Conflict

-Kirstin Plunkett


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