Posted: March 4, 2011 in African American Media, Music/Dance, Sports, Television/Radio


As stated in the video you just seen you just witness basketball players saying that they feel that the stragies and concept of basketball and Hip-Hop are similar because in both you want to use your expression of style to be implemented in your work so you will achieve an positive outcome. In most cases when you see new amatreurs come out in to a field of what ever career they tend to have characteristics of factors of people of the past in which succeed at some level in their career. So, since the success was absolute for them they know they can use it as a foundation of their rising in their career, you see this in many basketball players careers.  But, in most cases they are critized for their lack of individuality or “copying” pursay. In reference to Thomas Kochman’s ” Black and Whites Styles in Conflict” it says to “copy” another style would signify to other blacks as a lack of “individual resourcefulness, imagination, and pride”. Which is relevant until those persons start to figure out who they are in their love for what they do.  After watching, the clip think about how this is seen in the everyday media besides just music.

In reference to slides of  Ch.9 on Thomas Kochmans “Black and White Styles In Conflict

-Kirstin Plunkett


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