Ricky “Freeway” Ross Lecture @ University of Louisville School of Music Comstock Hall

Posted: February 19, 2011 in African American Media, Music/Dance

Ricky "Freeway" Ross and I after lecture

On, the evening of February 17 at 4-6 pm the Center for the Study of Crime and Justice in Black Comunities presented a lecture open to all UofL students and to the public for free. The presentation featured one of America’s most infamous crime figures. As featured on American Gangster, the athlete Ricky Ross explained to the audience how being drawn into the drug world effected his life in such an negative and traumatic way and by being in prison changed his life for the better. He told us his mechanisms that he used in getting out of prison which was reading a lot of books and literature, which made him go from illiterate to literate and highly educated. Also, he rooted us on for our determination for being in school, how life has been since out, what he is doing to give back to his community, and the country, and the scandal of the publically known rapper “Rick Ross” using his name with out his name against his acknowledgement,not using it to promote good life skills for youth to live by, trials and tribulations of that, and also the him being featured on the movie “American Gangster”. In all the event helped college students and others to understand that there is nothing better than to be educated!-Kirstin

  1. i also went to the Ricky Ross presentation and maybe it is because i have many friends who are in jail due to drug related charges but he really didn’t say anything out of the ordinary. not saying that i didn’t enjoy his speech and i was proud that he was able to get out if prison but its really back to showing bad choices land you in bad situations. he was smart enough to learn form his mistakes but i am willing to bet that if he isn’t successful in his other projects hes launching that he will more than likely start selling drugs again. selling drugs and being used to living in a certain class is hard to not get used to. he even said himself he was in jail because someone snitched on him. So in my mind his whole drug selling operation wasn’t flawed on his party. whose to say that he doesn’t think he can just be smarter about it and try his luck again?

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